90 Second, Simple Video - $350

This can be anything from a commercial to a short training video to a web video used for your business's website and more.
"Simple Videos" must not take any longer than 2 hours to film and 6 hours to edit. Should your video require something longer, K-jet studios has the right to adjust the price by $25 per additional hour of work (rounded up to the half hour).

Green Screening options are available as well as studio backdrops and external locations. As a heads up, green screening usually takes up a lot of editing time depending on the needs of the video and is usually suggested against if your business is looking to stay within the "Simple Video" price range.

The end result will be given to you on a flash drive in both Mac and PC format. Should you want, the video can be upload to an online platform such as Vimeo or YouTube. A DVD or Blu-Ray copy is available for an additional fee of $25. K-jet Studios will hold the rights the video but will allow online sharing and file sharing as long as K-jet Studios is credited for the work involved.

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