Photo Restoration

Over time, printed photos often become worn with age and fade in both lighting and color. Some images get damaged by stains, fire, or even just excessive sun exposure. K-jet Studios offers an option to restore and even re-print these aging or damaged photos by scanning, uploading, and altering them digitally. Read through the options below to learn more.

Simple Lighting and/or Color Correction

These types of images require minimal color and lighting correction. Minor cropping and blemish correction is also included.

Moderate Corrections and Simple Reconstruction

These types of images require more time put into the correction of light and/or color, and they may also require minor reconstruction of areas marked with stains, burns, or etc.

Major Correction and Reconstruction

These are images with severe stains, burns, marks, or fading. Many of these images require hand painting (digitally) in the areas that are missing or damaged.